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What are some mysterious try dishes of thali restaurant ?

• 2021-09-11 •

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The spices and flavours in traditional Indian food are a mash-up. India's food changes from region to region, much like the subcontinent's cultural and linguistic diversity. And, among the world's most famous cuisines, the Daana Pani thali restaurant is known for serving real Indian food delicacies to those who visit.

So, in today's blog, we'll discuss the meals that you should try if you come to our thali restaurant. Yes, you read that correctly. We'll walk you through a selection of typical Indian cuisine dishes that you should try.


Rice is a staple in most south Indian dishes, including the delectable masala dosa. While dosa is a common south Indian dish, masala dosa is a specialty of coastal Karnataka.


Chaats are the most popular street dish  (savoury appetisers) present in every thali restaurant menu. Popular snacks made with puffed rice and peas, vegetables, and spices include kachori, pani puri, bhel puri, and masala puri. Chaats are a popular snack that originated in northern India and swiftly expanded across the country. It's an understatement to suggest that you'll be hooked on chaats once you've tried them.

Vada Pav 

A vegetarian sandwich made with a potato patty, chilli, and other spices sandwiched between two pav bread rolls is known as vada pav. 


The best vegetarian savoury appetisers in India are dhoklas, which are made with rice and chickpeas. Before serving, the fermented rice batter is mixed with chickpeas, cooked, and garnished with mustard seeds and coriander.

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