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Top 3 Indian snacks loved by everyone in Orlando

• 2021-09-09 •

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Are you in the mood for a light yet delicious Indian food ? If yes then Indian snacks are your go to choice. The snacks in Indian cuisine range from exotic chaat options to Pakora, street food to scrumptious mini meal options like pav bhaji , aloo puri and many more. 

In today's blog we will talk about one of the best restaurants in Orlando to taste a delicious and vast variety of Indian snacks. Daana Pani in Orlando serves  the best  Indian snacks in the whole town. 

They have an experienced Team of chefs that have listed top 3 most famous snack options in Orlando from Indian cuisine. So without further delay let's have a look at these must have snack options : 

Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a popular street food. It is made up of a vegetable curry that is usually served with a soft bread roll called pav. There are numerous variations on the basic pav bhaji, with cheese, paneer, mushrooms, plantains, and even dried fruits added to the flavorful curry mix.

Misal pav 

Misal pav is a Maharashtrian-style traditional Indian dish. Misal, a curry made with sprouted moth beans that is usually topped with chivda, onions, chilis, and potatoes, and pav, bread rolls used to mop up the flavorful curry, are its two main components..


Bhelpuri (also spelled bhel puri) is a type of chaat - a savoury snack. There is some disagreement about what should go in a bhelpuri, but the most common ingredients are puffed rice, ground nuts, potatoes, fried noodles, onions, and chilis as per your choice.

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