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Looking for delicious lunch buffet desserts in orlando?

• 2021-09-03 •

• DaanaPani Orlando, Pure Vegetarian Restaurant •

Indian cuisine is well-known for its spiciness. Spices are utilised liberally in Indian cuisine, whether in North or South India. It's important to note, though, that each spice in Indian cuisine has nutritional and therapeutic benefits. We'll look at how to consume a lunch buffet in this blog.

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Favorite dessert options in every lunch buffet : 


The most unique aspect of this Indian sweets recipe is the simplicity of its ingredients. The subtle flavors during this rabri dish come from kewra water, food incense. To form rablri, simply boil the milk and reduce it.

Kheer Kesar Pista 

This kheer's ingredients are quite basic. Kesar (saffron) and pista are the most important ingredients that contribute to the superb balance of flavors during this Indian delicacy (pistachios). The actual fact that this kheer recipe is so simple to make makes it excellent for any occasion.

Atte Ka Halwa 

Halwa could also be a well-liked Indian sweet dish which can be made for practically any occasion. you can't serve a feast without a spoonful of halwa, whether it's an enormous or small occasion. 

Gujiya (Dried Fruit) 

Gujiyas are available during a spread of shapes and sizes. Some are khoya-filled, some are coconut-filled, and still others are dry-fruit-filled.

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